About The Podcast Niki

About us

It’s hard out here and sometimes you feel like you’ve been left to figure it out on your own. Niki and Lionel, Did You Eat hosts, are parents to 3 thriving young adults, off on their own whirlwind adventures. They are sought after for their sound advice, support, non-judgmental nature and are dedicated to helping the next generation to navigate life.. They have gathered their resources and are ready to share. Deep dive episodes drop every Monday and Wednesday. “Bite Sized” or “Minicasts” are shorter episodes that drop every Tuesday and will feature resources that may make life a little easier. And who knows, maybe your next opportunity to level up.

Meet Niki


I was formally trained at The University of New England receiving my M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. I have always enjoy seeing others get to their “ah ha” moment. I have several online courses, including one on non-fiction writing, coming down the pike that I can’t wait to share!

Podcaster/Content Creator

Co-host of Did You Eat. A Podcast that “feeds” young adults the information they did not get in school. We also show how to leverage this knowledge to create more stress free days to obtaining your best life.
I create content that is easily consumable, retainable, and connects with audiences of all backgrounds. I love the research aspect of putting a show together from start to finish.


I am unapologetically introverted, but you wouldn’t know it. I consistently get INTP on the Myers Briggs test. I wear the term “alchemist” proudly. I am in no way shy, but I do remain quiet until I have “read the room”. I don’t intimate easily. I have been known to run toward a fire, true story. You can talk to me about ANYTHING. Nothing is off limits and rarely am I shocked by a topic. I will research until I need eye drops. Rabbit holes are my weakness.
I keep secrets better than the Pentagon. I hate the Golden Rule. I also feel you can’t go wrong if you stick to the Platinum Rule: Treat others the way they want to be treated. I am a vibe-y melaninated nerd who loves dogs, plants, and the smell of old vinyl records. I also have medically diagnosed ADHD, hence the rabbit holes, so there’s that.